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What to expect when you come to Jasuti

for your first appointment












When you arrive...


You will be greeted with a warm smile and an accepting heart. Then we will walk through my Victorian home to the kitchen and sit at the kitchen table and chat about your life and how I might be able to help you. You will be offered a glass of water to sip as we chat. Soon, you will realize that you are feeling comfortable with sharing about your life and your physical and emotional challenges. It feels more like talking with a friend who truly cares about you. 

When we move into the treatment room, I will explain to you what you need to do. You will be directed to remove your clothing down to your underpants and slip onto the massage table under the sheet and blanket. And if disrobing is uncomfortable for you, then you can undress to your level of comfort or we can work through your clothes. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and safe. During the session, you are always covered by a sheet and blanket. I only uncover the part of the body that I am working with. For your convenience and privacy, there is a restroom attached to the therapy room for your use.

I will then leave the room to let you get ready and when I return, I will knock to be sure you are ready for me to enter the room. When I come in, I will find you in what feels like a soft cocoon and stress starting to melt off you. And you may already have released a big sigh that held tension that you were ready to let go of. Soft music helps you relax even more as I begin to work with you. Please notice that I said “to work with you.” You are always in control of what happens consciously or unconsciously. We are a team working to bring calm and balance to your body and mind so it can move into a more healthy way of being.

At the end of the session, I will direct you to take your time before getting up; that you may be light headed, so you need to move slowly. When you are dressed, we will meet up in the kitchen where you can share anything that you want to share and I can offer you any suggestions that I might have for you. As you prepare to leave, I will ask if you would like to schedule another appointment and then give you a bottle of water for your drive home. And the very last thing we do before you walk out the door is hug… a great big heart-to-heart hug. And you leave with a lighter step and a peaceful heart because you have been seen, you have been heard, you have been touched by compassion and love, and your heart is smiling. My job has been well done and I am grateful to be part of your journey to wholeness. 

Your participation in your therapy


Your job is to relax and “just allow.” If you find this hard to do, here are a few hints: Close your eyes and then consciously remind yourself to let go and relax. Try to breathe deeply and calmly, and focus upon a full exhalation. Drop your jaw and let there be space between your upper and lower teeth.

Silence can help you relax and experience a deeper session, so please don't try to "make conversation." But do let me know if you are too warm or too cool, if you prefer more or less pressure, or if you have any discomfort. This is your time, so please let me know what I can do to better assist you. 

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