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Newspaper Article About Jasuti & Her 'Work'

July 16, 2013
By Nancy R. Elliott

The Anderson Herald Bulletin 

Hands and Heart 

Massage therapy and spiritual healing make second career for Anderson woman



Faces light up when she walks into the room. Jasuti Goss arrives with a broad smile, a ready laugh and a listening ear. She opens her jar of massage cream, and begins to gently massage the hands and forearms of her client. It’s Goss’s hands that are doing the work, but it’s all heart that seems to fill the room. “It feels wonderful,” confirmed Mary Alice Wages. 

Goss regularly visits Wages to provide geriatric massage, a form of massage specifically geared to the needs of the elderly. Goss points out that it has a number of benefits for seniors who may be stiff or sore, especially with lots of sitting or inactivity. “The muscles start screaming out,” said Goss. She said that gentle massage can ease the sore muscles, help to get nutrition to the body’s cells and improve blood circulation. “Besides the physical benefit there’s that emotional connection. There is such a benefit to just the touch, compassionate touch,” said Goss. 

Goss is a nationally certified massage therapist and body worker with expertise in medical, deep tissue, Swedish, prenatal, craniosacral and geriatric massage. She has been practicing for more than 14 years, about half of that time working for an Indianapolis physiatrist, a doctor who specializes in rehabilitation and pain. Now Goss has a private practice based in a green Victorian house in downtown Anderson. She also visits clients, some of them in nursing homes. Massage therapy is a second career for the 63-year old woman. She chose it in order to follow a calling. 

Mid-life career change

“The Lord just told me to sell my business and take my gift of healing out into the world,” said Goss. It was not exactly a welcome idea for Goss to consider giving up her dental laboratory career making crowns and bridges for local dentists. “I argued for a long time.” “I was given the gift of healing through my hands in my early thirties,” said Goss. “I always called myself a ‘closet healer.’” Goss discovered her gift one day while watching a 1980 movie called “Resurrection.”
“It was just this blast of knowingness,” said Goss. The evidence of Goss’s gift began to make itself clear through various experiences, until at one point she was involved in two life-or-death healings in the space of one week. Goss realized she had a calling that she could not ignore.

Go ahead and ask Goss how it works, but you won’t discover a lot of answers. “I call myself the clueless healer,” Goss said as she laughed. “I just follow orders out of the right side of the brain.” That includes laying her hands lightly on or just over the client. “The heat in my hands – it’s just that divine energy flowing,” said Goss. “I’m very, very good in following guidance…. The more that I have followed guidance, the more is given to me. The work I do is very intuitive. My hands become like a magnet. There’s no really intellectually fully understanding it. I don’t try to force. I completely get myself out of the way. It’s between their soul and God what happens.”

Massage therapy seemed like a career choice that was compatible with her healing gift, so Goss went to school for it. While Goss discovered she had quite a knack for massage therapy, it’s her healing work that draws many of her clients to her, again and again, although they often first arrive at Goss’s doorstep with skepticism.

Skeptics won over

“I was just taking a chance. I was hurting,” said Rose Ballard, now 86, from Indianapolis. After surgery on her knee in 2002, followed by fruitless physical therapy, a friend urged Ballard to visit Goss. Ballard was skeptical, but desperate. On her third visit, Ballard said, “I could feel her hands trembling. I looked up and I could see her head shaking. Her hands were hot as fire, I swear. ”When Goss stopped trembling, there was a moment of quiet, before Goss told Ballard to thank God for what he’d done for her. “I got up and walked out of there. ... I’ve never had any problems with that knee since.” “It’s a mystery. It comes through her, I know it comes through her,” said Ballard. “I think it all works through God, to be honest with you.”

Client Heather Stommel doesn’t know how it works either, but she’s on board. In 2009, her then 3-year-old Trevor woke up one morning and couldn’t get out of bed. A trip to the emergency room ultimately revealed that Trevor had vascular necrosis. “His hip socket wasn’t getting any blood,” said Stommel. As a result Trevor’s hip was starting to die off. A visit to the orthopedic surgeon,

X-rays and CT scans confirmed the diagnosis. A week later, Trevor was set to have an MRI. In the meantime, Heather brought Trevor to Goss twice.

“I knew she was a healer. ... She did what she does,” said Stommel. Then Trevor had the MRI, and Stommel said, “The doctor was just beside himself.” He told her there was nothing on the MRI. Indeed, Trevor started walking again, and he’s just fine today. “I think you have to be open to it,” said Stommel, who continues to visit Goss.

Another client’s child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age 1. Devastated by the diagnosis, the Anderson mom said she was ready to try anything. When she took her child to see Goss, she carried him in as he was unable to walk. “I had to carry him everywhere those days,” said the mother. She helped to keep her son occupied while Goss’s hands hovered close to him. In observing her son, she said, “It was almost as if he could feel the energy.” She said that about a week later, her son started taking steps. “We give the credit to God,” said the mother. She noted that her son now runs, plays and climbs hills. “It’s amazing. ... You never know when God’s going to throw a little miracle in there.”


The client continues today to visit Goss with her son. “She really is a wonderful person. ... She’s just a very uplifting spiritual person,” said the client.

Goss can be reached at 765-642-2652.

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