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My Story Begins…

I have been a spiritual healer for over 30 years. I am often asked what kind of training do I have to be healer and I explain that the kind of healing I do is a gift that was given to me. I did not consciously choose or seek out this ability to heal, “it” chose me.

For many years, I often referred to myself as a “Closet Healer” because only those who were the closest to me knew anything about my gift. I was so afraid of what others would think. After all, I didn’t understand much about healing, let alone understand why I would have been chosen to receive this gift. But I seldom really gave it much thought because I was so busy with my business and life in general.

Then there was a week that would change my life forever. During this particular week, I was called upon to do two separate life-saving healings (quite literally) after which I received a very clear directive to take my gift of healing out into the world. I resisted what Guidance/God or whatever term one is comfortable using, was telling me to do for about a year. I was totally petrified to give up my business; after all, this was all I knew and it was my livelihood. After some very deep inner work on self, I finally worked through the fear. Then I sold my business and took extensive training in massage therapy and craniosacral therapy. I discovered that these therapies could be additional “tools” for me to use in my healing work.


To me, the term Spiritual Healing is simply the laying of hands and allowing the healing energies to flow through. Although the term “Laying of Hands” is a Christian term, this form of healing is evident in every religion and in all parts of the world. There is nothing “new” or “new age” about spiritual healing, at least in the way I use the term.

Some people think Spiritual Healing is the same thing as “Faith Healing” but it is not. A person does not have to be of any certain faith, nor do they need to have any formal faith, in order to receive healing. Although, it is not uncommon for someone to receive healing and then be opened to the possibility that there might be God or a higher power that really does care about them. But this awareness is not a prerequisite for receiving healing. 

Healing can happen on any level or all levels for people: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. The truth is that all of these levels are interwoven within a person and you cannot change one level without affecting the others. It is not unusual for someone to seek healing for one condition and then experience healing on multiple levels or multiple conditions. 


I have Learned that I Know Nothing

My healing work differs from many modern day healers because I very consciously let go of any personal desire to control the healing. I call upon Divinity/God, or whatever term you wish to use, and totally trust that source to know what is truly best for the patient/client.

From my many years of meditation and spiritual training, I know what I might perceive as being best for the person receiving the healing, might be a dis-service. I understand that there may be a reason that the person needs to suffer with whatever their challenge is. Perhaps they need to develop compassion, perhaps their family needs to learn service. Or perhaps the pain or whatever the physical problem is will lead them further along their spiritual path. Our human minds cannot know the absolute truth of why people are where they are in their life experience. Nor can we ever fully understand why one person is seemingly healed and another not… or why the healing may show up in a different way than one was hoping.  

When I am working with someone, I very consciously let go of any personal desire to control the healing. I have tremendous faith that I am being guided to do what is truly best for that person. I let go of the outcome for I know that my little human mind could not possibly understand the “big picture” and know what this person truly needs at this point in their life. What I do understand is that it is not me doing the healing, that I am only the hose that brings the water to the garden,  which that divine energy flows through. 

Let me say in closing… Healing, Inner Peace, Understanding &

Improved Quality of Life are Possible

The Brain Struggles
To Understand
What Can Only
Be Known Through

Let Go and
Allow Yourself to

Enter the Stillness,
Which is Where
Sacred Healing

Healing is Possible



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