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Swedish Massage

a relaxing & therapeutic massage





Swedish Massage is the basic form of massage that is taught in massage schools. Even though it is the beginning level of training, do not discount the benefits. It is the main form of massage for releasing stress and creating relaxation. And with stress being the root cause of tight and painful muscles, this can be exactly what many people need.



Deep Tissue Massage

to relieve areas of pain & restriction







Deep tissue massage is used to relieve areas of pain and restriction. It can be very beneficial if the techniques are done appropriately for the individual client. “No Pain – No Gain” is not a philosophy that I personally agree with. Deep tissue work tends to be painful for most people and I find that other, less intense techniques work just as well. But if I need to do deep work that would be painful, I explain what I am doing and why. I let the client know that they are in charge of the treatment and I can always go to “Plan B” if the deep work is too uncomfortable for them.


Medical Massage

for chronic conditions and rehabilitation








Medical Massage is a specialty that focuses on specific injuries and rehabilitation. It combines the techniques of several forms of massage together to provide a protocol for treatment of various conditions. I received my certification in Medical Massage a few years after finishing massage school. Having had my own physical issues throughout the years, I knew how much massage therapy could help with so many conditions. I knew that gaining certification in Medical Massage would give me the opportunity to gain the respect of medical doctors and provide a service to those who might not otherwise understand the health issues that could be addressed holistically. 



Prenatal / Pregnancy Massage

relief for the changing body & mind




Prenatal Massage provides relief for the changing body and mind of expectant mothers. Mothers-To-Be are often very uncomfortable as their bodies change and prepare for delivering a baby. Back pain seems to be at the top of the list that pregnant ladies have on the physical level. And then there is the emotional connection with all of the changes that are happening and will continue to happen in their lives. That worry and stress simply acerbates the physical pain that they experience. One word of advice that I would give any pregnant lady who is looking for an appropriate massage therapist is that if a therapist tells you that the only difference between pregnancy massage and regular massage is that you have to lay on your side, continue your search. Pregnancy Massage is a specialty of its own, there are many things that the therapist needs to know and precautions that they need to take to protect both you and your unborn baby.



Geriatric Massage

safe & gentle therapy for our elders







Geriatric Massage provides a compassionate and loving service for our elders. Our elders often suffer from a variety of diseases such as Parkinson’s, arthritis, diabetes or heart disease. As a result, they have poor blood circulation and limited physical activity. Many elders are also anxious, depressed and lonely. Geriatric Massage may help them improve certain physical functions that have been reduced or lost due to disease and aging and improve their emotional well-being. Geriatric Massage can help relieve pain, anxiety and depression, plus provide comfort to touch-deprived elders. The benefits of geriatric massage and compassionate touch are being acknowledged by more and more professionals in the medical community and Hospice. This service is available for In-Home or In-Residential Facility residents.



Personalized Massage

for more than a text book approach








The term Personalized simply describes the way Jasuti works with her clients. Each client is viewed as a whole person, and the therapy session is designed around what is best at this time for this person. Jasuti is not a “text-book” therapist, she does not treat her clients strictly by what a book might say is best for whatever condition they may have. She prefers to connect with the client and allow the session to flow in accordance with what works best for the client, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Jasuti has extensive advanced training in massage and craniosacral therapies, and she worked in Indianapolis with medical doctors and for several years. Jasuti’s work is often intuitive, which she explains as being similar to “mother’s intuition.” Jasuti combines her knowledge, experience, heart, and intuition in the therapy that she offers. Each session is designed for the whole person, not just the condition which initially brought them to her.

Work Place Massage

avoid painful injuries & lost time from work






Research is showing the benefits of massage in business for both the staff and the corporate bottom line. Less time is lost from work, increased focus and improved work performance, improved morale and reduced stress are but a few of the benefits of providing massage in the work place. Many companies that offer this benefit to their staff see less workman comp claims and a decrease in their health care costs. Even if the work being done does not “appear” to be physically demanding like a CNA in a nursing home, the damage to the body from sitting for long periods of time, poor posture with leaning over a computer or being on the phone and the problems caused by repetitive motion are some of the more common issues that even a 15 minute massage at work can address. Please inquire about the costs with providing massage as part of a benefit package at your workplace or for a special addition to your Employee Appreciation Event.



How Massage Could Help You and Those You Care About


Pain and restricted movement in the body can keep people from living a productive and enjoyable life. Accidents, sports injuries, repetitive movement on the job, and tension from the stresses in life can all cause many physical problems.


Massage can help to relieve pain. When combined with the appropriate medical assistance, massage can help certain conditions to heal more quickly and completely. And, in some cases, massage can eliminate the need for medications or surgery.


The medical community is now recognizing massage as a therapy that can help patients who suffer with chronic pain. Pain often becomes a vicious cycle and can persist long after the original cause is resolved. The pain cycle is complex, but each element, especially stress, can add to or start the pain cycle. Massage can help end this cycle of pain and assist people in living a normal life again.


Massage has long been known for relieving stress. Unfortunately, many people have viewed this as being a luxury in life, not understanding the effects that stress puts on their body and mind. Research now shows the physiological and psychological damage that stress produces over time. Studies also show how massage can set into motion the body’s natural mechanisms to balance and heal itself.


Whether you are suffering from physical pain or stress, massage therapy could possibly help you or others that you care about. Massage and CranioSacral Therapies are both recognized as an adjunct to all forms of Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine and Holistic approaches to healthcare.



A personal note about

what makes me different

from many therapists


I always invite clients to share whatever they feel ready to share. I consider myself as a confidant and my practice is a safe place to just be or discover who you really are. I offer no judgements and no expectations. What I do offer is an open heart, an open mind and a deep desire to help each person in whatever way I can.


I don’t rush clients in and out from their session. I always try to have plenty of time to devote to each person so whatever arises can be addressed. I want to be of service in whatever way I can be, in whatever way the client needs me to be. I truly honor each and every client who walks through my door. They are a living, breathing soul who is asking for help in one way or the other. And it is my job to discover how I can best help them at this point in their life experience.


Continued education is of major importance to me. If I take a course and there is only one thing that I learn that helps my clients, then that course was worth the time and expense. Even after more than 18 years of being a therapist, I still have much more to learn that will help people. Personally, I think if someone believes that they have all the answers, then they would not be the right therapist for me to work with or to do therapy on me.


One thing I can say about how I do my work, is that I am not a text book therapist. Meaning that if you come in for some specific problem, I don’t go through my mental files and follow a series of steps for that particular problem. Each person is different, each person needs something different, therefore, I focus on the whole person and let my intuition lead me in what needs to be done. Even if someone needs to come in several times for the same issue, each session will be different. This is because they are they are at a different stage of their body healing, healing is a process for many. Each session is bringing the body and/or emotions a step closer to a natural, healthy way of being.

Shyam Sharanam



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